Elite Insurance Partners & MedicareFAQ Scholarship Opportunities

Elite Insurance Partners & MedicareFAQ Scholarships

If you’re over the age of 50 and returning to school to complete your degree, you’re eligible to apply for the Elite Insurance Partners & MedicareFAQ Scholarship benefit. We strive to help students, especially those with a passion for Senior Healthcare.

We have decided to offer one lucky student with a $1,000 scholarship benefit.

This benefit will be based on:

  • Community service
  • Minimum 3.0 GPA or Higher
  • The quality of your recommendation letter
  • 50+ years of age

We’re also requiring an official transcript as well as a complete application from each applicant. Students enrolled in a 4-year undergraduate program or graduate degree program within the continental United States will qualify.

Additionally, a letter from the applicant that includes:

  1. Career Goals
  2. How education will help those goals become reality
  3. Community service history
  4. What community service meant to you

Our scholarship is aimed for those majoring in a Senior Healthcare-related Field. However, this isn’t a requirement, and anyone is able to apply.

Apply for Scholarship

Click below to download the $2,500 scholarship application! Deadline 11/30/22

College Scholarship Opportunity

This Scholarship is ongoing. We’ll be depositing funds directly to the university or college institution. Books, fees, and Tuition can be covered with a Scholarship from us.

Scholarship Application Deadline

The fall scholarship deadline is August 21st of the current year. The winner will be notified within 30 days after the deadline.

We look forward to hearing from many ambitious college students as well as selecting one to win our $1,000 Scholarship.

In addition to other requirements, applicants can’t be related to any of MedicareFAQ owners or employees.

All applicants must print and mail the required information. You can download the scholarship application here.

MedicareFAQ Mission

The Mission at MedicareFAQ is to offer benefits to older Americans, like securing a suitable Medigap policy. There are more than ten thousand seniors aging into Medicare daily, and the elderly are needing community service now more than ever.

We’re not required to apportion our Scholarship fund if we feel the candidates are deemed unsuitable. The standards are up to our own discretion, and we will not be held responsible for these funds in the future.

2020 Scholarship Winner – Jadan Akerson

We’re honored to congratulate Jadan Akerson on being the winner of the 3rd annual Elite Insurance Partners Scholarship.

Jadan is currently enrolled at Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia. She is majoring in nursing so she can build a profession helping people get through life-changing events, as she has experienced in the past.

Our winner plans to use the funds for her tuition and books. We’re happy to help Jadan achieve her goals and wish her the best of luck in her future endeavors.

2019 Scholarship Winner – Renita Lerner

This semester marks the 2nd annual Elite Insurance Partners Scholarship selection. Today we celebrate Renita Lerner as the official 2019 Fall Scholarship Winner!

Renita is a single mom of two that came back to college after a 24-year break. Now, she’s taking her 4.0 GPA from Valencia college to the University of Central Florida where her two sons are students.

This new chapter in her life “I know what I want to be when I grow up” is inspirational. Renita is working towards her Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Writing and Journalism.

Knowledge is a powerful tool; we enjoy adding to Renita’s pursuit of goals and dreams.

As she says, dreams don’t have deadlines. It’s better to slowly work towards something than to work towards nothing at all.

This money helps fund books as well as tuition.

2018 Scholarship Winner – Noelina Salama Mised

2018 was the 1st Annual Elite Insurance Partners Scholarship. We’re honored to congratulate Noelina Salama Miseda from Kenya for winning our 2018 Scholarship.

Noelina is currently enrolled at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, studying Kinesiology and Recreation Therapy.

Our winner commented that she’s planning on using the funds to help support the following costs:

  • Educational field trip
  • Books
  • Tuition

In addition to having admirable goals, Miss Miseda received the deans’ list prior to receiving our scholarship. Coming all the way from Kenya and working hard for her 4.0 GPA; we’re happy to help Noelina shine.

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