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There are 12 different Medicare Supplement (Medigap) plans available to most Medicare beneficiaries in 2022. Our easy-to-read Medigap plan comparison chart makes comparing these plans side-by-side easier than ever.

The chart below depicts all 12 Medigap plans and what they cover after Original Medicare pays its portion.

Medicare Supplement Plans Comparison Chart for 2022

Medicare Supplement Plans Comparison Chart 2022

Don’t confuse Medigap Plan A and Medigap Plan B with Medicare Parts A and B. Original Medicare includes Medicare Part A, which is inpatient hospital coverage, and Medicare Part B, which covers outpatient physician visits. Medigap Plans A and Plan B are supplemental insurance to cover the costs Original Medicare leaves behind.

No matter which Medigap plan you choose to enroll in, you can use the plan at any doctor or hospital nationwide that accepts Original Medicare. A Medicare-accepting doctor can never turn you away because of the carrier you choose for your Medigap plan.

How Many Medigap Plans are Available?

There are 12 Medicare Supplement plans, lettered A through N. Each lettered plan covers the core policy benefits and additional benefits depending on the plan in which you enroll.

When you compare Medigap plans, it is important to look at what each plan covers. Then, compare that with your health care needs.

Depending on the letter plan you enroll in, you will have coverage for out-of-pocket medical costs such as deductibles, copays, coinsurances, and more.

Medigap Plan Comparison in Massachusetts, Minnesota, and Wisconsin

In 47 of 50 states nationwide – plus Washington, D.C. – Medigap plans are standardized using the lettered naming convention we describe above. However, that is not the case in Massachusetts, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. These three states have unique Medigap plans that are only available in each.

Even though the plans are only available in their respective state, they still offer comparable benefits to the most popular Medigap plans and beneficiaries can use them with Medicare-accepting practitioners nationwide, just like a standardized Medigap plan in any other state.

How to Compare Medicare Medigap Plans for 2022

Comparing Medigap plans is a fairly simple but extremely important task when enrolling in a Medicare Supplement plan. We make comparing Medigap plans, as well as keeping up with changes to Medicare, simple. We make sure to educate our clients on all there is to know about Medicare and make the best decision for their needs.

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  1. My daughter is a young adult who was informed she is approved for Medicare.
    She needs to know about getting Part B coverage and its costs and possible a Medigap policy. She needs constant medical care due to her condition–visiting and being tested by doctors on a regular basis. She wants the best medical coverage in Part B and a Medigap plan so she knows she will be cared for. I am her dad and will be willing to help pay for the best coverages for my daughter. Can you advise me on this and the best coverages to obtain? We live in New York and she resides in New York C

    1. Jim, since your daughter is under 65, finding Medigap coverage for her will be more difficult. However, in New York City, there are carriers that offer coverage to her. You can use the Medicare plan finder tool and input her information. From there, a list of plans and carriers available to her will populate.

  2. Michelle may also be eligible for Medicaid, depending on her income in her state. She should contact her local Area Agency on Aging who can tell her the criteria for her state.


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