Ohio Medicare Supplements Plans in 2022

We offer a variety of Medicare Supplement Plans in Ohio through top insurance carriers. Also, we can go over Advantage plans in your area as well as Part D. We’ve got all the details on plan options for Ohio residents looking for Medicare products.

Before you decide on a policy, take a look at some need to know information about Medicare, Medigap, Advantage, and Part D plans in Ohio.

What are the Best Medicare Supplement Plans in Ohio?

The three top-rated Medicare Supplement plans are Plan F, Plan G, and Plan N. Each plan offers the same benefits across the United States. Also, while you compare Plan F vs Plan G vs Plan N, consider how much you’ll use your insurance. Further, think about the amount you’re comfortable paying in the event of a chronic illness or emergency.

Who Qualifies for a Medicare Supplement Plan in Ohio?

You qualify for a Medicare Supplement plan in Ohio as long as you’re at least 65 years old and have Part B. The best time to enroll in a plan is during the Medigap Open Enrollment Period. During this enrollment period, you can sign up for Medigap without worrying about a higher premium or a policy denial due to health.

How Much Does Ohio Medicare Supplements Cost?

Premiums vary from location, gender, smoking status, age, and even health issues. The best policy for your neighbor might not be the best policy for you. Although, the only way to ensure your premium is the best value is to talk with one of our brokers. Sometimes the highest premium isn’t the best value. For example, Plan G costing $130 a month saves you more money annually than Plan F costing $150 a month. Even after paying the Part B deductible, the savings is almost $60 a year.

Do I Qualify for a Medigap Plan if I’m Disabled Under 65 in Ohio?

Insurance companies in Ohio aren’t required to offer under 65 beneficiaries Medigap. Since the cost is usually higher for those under 65 than those turning 65, we suggest waiting until you become 65 to obtain a Medigap plan.

In the meantime enrolling in an Advantage plan could save you more money than just Medicare. Advantage plans have only one health question for eligibility; do you have ESRD?

Plus, some Special Needs Plans cater to beneficiaries with specific disabilities. If this type of policy is in your area, you could qualify for a Special Enrollment Period allowing you to apply at any time of the year.

What are the Best Medicare Advantage Plans in Ohio?

Medicare Advantage in Ohio Advantage plans can be an excellent option for those that can’t afford Medigap or don’t qualify for Medigap. Medicare Advantage carriers dictate the rules and guidelines you must follow for coverage.

Top-Rated Medicare Advantage Plans in Ohio:

  1. MedMutual Advantage Classic (HMO)
  2. Anthem MediBlue Preferred (HMO)
  3. Humana Gold Plus (HMO)

Many of the best Medicare Advantage plans cover Part D, dental, vision, hearing, and access to a fitness center. But, the restrictions on doctor networks can be frustrating. Staying in-network becomes a bigger challenge when you have specialty doctors you want to see.

Yet, even with the strict guidelines, 45% of Medicare enrollees in Ohio chose a Medicare Advantage plan. The rest of the beneficiaries either choose Medigap or only rely on Medicare for coverage.

What are the Top Medicare Part D Plans in Ohio?

Part D Plans in OhioPart D is a prescription drug policy that will cover most medications prescribed by your doctor, but not over-the-counter medicine.

Top-Rated Part D Plans in Ohio:

  1. Cigna
  2. Anthem
  3. Aetna
  4. Humana

In Ohio, the average Part D premium can run anywhere between $15-$100.

In some cases, you may incur the Part D penalty.

This occurs if you do not have valid prescription drug coverage at the time you qualify for Medicare.

In this instance, you’ll incur a penalty for each month you went without Part D coverage.


Can I switch from my Medicare Advantage plan to a Medicare Supplement plan in Ohio?
Yes, you can change from an Advantage plan to a Medigap plan during the Annual Enrollment Period, Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period, or a Special Enrollment Period.
How do you get Medicare & Medicaid in Ohio?
As long as your income falls within the limits, you can get Medicare & Medicaid in Ohio. For Ohio residents who qualify for both of these programs, you’re eligible for MyCare.
Who qualifies for Medicare in Ohio?
Those 65 and older will qualify for Medicare. Also, those on disability for at least 2 months will be eligible. But, if you’re on disability due to Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or End-Stage Renal Disease, you’re automatically eligible for Medicare.

How to Apply for Medicare in Ohio

Enrolling in Medicare Supplement plan insurance in Ohio is simple. Just call the number on the screen, and a broker will help you identify the most suitable coverage.

You can also fill out an online rate form and find rates online!

We can help you discover the right plan for you and can assist with all Medicare options, including Ohio Medicare Supplement plans, Medicare Advantage, and Part D PDP plans.

A quote is only a number until the application is approved. Never cancel current coverage until a new policy is in place.

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