Medicare Supplement Plans in Mississippi

To get a Medicare Supplement plan in Mississippi, you’ll have to be a resident of the state. Medigap in Mississippi is much like most other states. Meaning, Mississippi adheres to the federal guidelines when it comes to Medigap. But prices may be much different than other states. Let’s dive into how Medicare Supplement plans in Mississippi work. We’ll review coverage and costs. We’ll also give you hints to the best Medigap plans available for you.

How Medicare Supplement Plans in Mississippi Work

Like most of the rest of the nation, three plans remain at the top of the list. Plans G, N, and F remain top-tier policies for most.

Comprehensive, high-quality coverage attracts those on Medicare to these extensive policies.

Plan N tends to carry more out-of-pocket costs than other options. Plan F gives the most coverage options but isn’t available to newly-eligible beneficiaries.

And, Plan G is a good option for those who don’t qualify for Plan F or for those that want more coverage than Plan N.

As with anything, it’s best to review each plan to find your best option thoroughly.

Mississippi Medigap Costs

When shopping for Medigap plans, one of the first things you’ll find is cost differences. A woman in Jackson, Mississippi, may pay more for their Medigap coverage than a woman in Biloxi may pay. But why is this?

Well, Medicare Supplement plans tend to offer the same coverages. But, depending on where you live regionally, the costs can fluctuate drastically. Your age and gender can also be determining factors of what you’ll pay.

A prime example of pricing differences you may see is with the following Medigap plans. A woman who’s 65 years old can plan on paying anywhere between $98-$198 or more in monthly premiums for a Medigap G plan. But, a 65-year-old man can plan on spending more for the same Medigap plan.

A Plan G policy can cost a man between $113-$250 or more a month. Likewise, a woman who wants Medigap plan N can plan on paying between $86-$145 a month or more. A man who gets Medigap plan N can plan on spending anywhere from $86 – to $250 or more each month.

For further pricing, you can contact your carrier to provide you with up-to-date quotes.

Medicare Advantage Plans in Mississippi

Medicare Advantage in Mississippi You may find that a Medicare Advantage policy is friendlier on your pocketbook. Advantage premiums can range in monthly costs from $0-$110 each month in Mississippi.

By law, Medicare Advantage plans must cover, at a bare minimum, what Medicare covers.

But many of these policies carry extra benefits that many people love. For example, some Advantage plans offer vision and dental benefits.

Unlike Medigap, Advantage policies require you to see doctors within their networks. If you already have an established doctor, you like to use, this may not work for you.

Currently, 28% of beneficiaries in Mississippi have an Advantage plan.

It remains clear that Medigap coverage remains the most popular.

Medicare Advantage Special Needs Plans

Advantage plans also tend to offer Special Needs Plans for those who qualify. Special Needs Plans can provide custom coverage if you have specific health conditions.

Mississippi happens to offer dual-eligible plans for those who are eligible. Basically, this is coverage for beneficiaries with both Medicare and Medicaid.

Part D Prescription Plans in Mississippi

Part D Plans in Mississippi Many Medicare beneficiaries need to take prescriptions daily.

And many of those prescriptions can be incredibly expensive.

As stressful as the thought of extra expenses may be, you may find a solution within a drug plan.

A Part D drug plan may cost you between $13-$80 a month in Mississippi.

Prescription drug coverage could make the difference in spending hundreds less a month.

Thankfully, there are 21 Part D options available for you to choose from.

Be sure to check your pharmacy network and drug formulary to ensure your coverage will be enough for you.


How many people use Medicare is Mississippi?
Over 600,000 people have Medicare in Mississippi. Yet, most don’t have enough insurance if something catastrophic were to occur.
What is the Medicare Advantage plan most enrolled in Mississippi?
Only about 100,000 people in Mississippi choose to have a Medicare Advantage plan. Humana insures about 60% of those enrollees.

Humana offers PPO plans in some areas and has higher star ratings than many other options. Although, Cigna and Aetna are still great choices if those are the carriers that your doctor accepts.

When you retire with the state of Mississippi do you pay Medicare?
You’ll want to contact the Public Employees Retirement System of Mississippi to clarify your benefits.

How to Apply for Medicare in Mississippi

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