Guide to Medicare Supplement Plans in Kansas for 2022

Medicare Supplement plans in Kansas are the same ones available nationwide. But, Medicare is a little different in Kansas than in some of the other states. Below we’ll discuss the variety of Medicare options available to Kansas residents. 

Medicare Supplement Plans in Kansas

The most commonly chosen plans include Plan N, Plan F, and Plan G. Each plan has a different set of benefits. One plan will cover all of your cost-sharing, and another will come some. At the end of the day, the policy that brings you the most value will be the best option for you.

Medicare Supplement Plan Premiums in Kansas for 2022

Plans in Overland Park won’t cost the same as a Plan in Wichita. Most plans are attained age rated in this state; so, the age you buy your policy affects the premium.

Rates can change regularly, but we’re going to give you an idea of the costs. Keep in mind, this premium could be higher in your area, rates aren’t set in stone.

For a 65-year-old woman in Overland Park, Plan G could cost around $110 a month. But, a man in the same area, at the same age, could pay $125 a month.

Now, if the premium is your only concern, you can opt for a High Deductible Plan G and save around $80 a month. Although, if you visit the doctor frequently, this option may not be the most suitable for you.

Kansas Medicare Supplement Plan Eligibility Under 65

In most states, those under 65 that are eligible for Medicare will pay a significantly higher premium than those under 65. In Kansas, those under 65 have the same premium as those 65 or older. But, some disabled beneficiaries may find Medicare Advantage coverage more suitable. Depending on the area you reside in, Special Needs Plans could be available.

Losing Group Coverage in Kansas

Those voluntarily losing group coverage could qualify for Guaranteed Issue rights if the group coverage is primary to Medicare. Involuntary loss of coverage will also give you access to enroll in Medigap with Guarantee Issue rights.

Further, anyone with Part B losing Medicaid will qualify for Guaranteed Issue rights on a Medigap policy with most carriers.

Medicare Advantage Plans in Kansas

Medicare Advantage in Kansas

There are no 5-star Medicare Advantage plans in Kansas. But, there is a Humana Part C policy with 4.5 stars.

Medicare Advantage plans available in Overland Park are going to be different than the ones available in more rural areas.

24% of beneficiaries in Kansas have a Medicare Advantage plan. Costs range between $0 and $195 a month depending on where you live.

Just like Medigap, the best plan for you is the one that brings you the most value. Since these plans have strict networks and rules, choosing a policy that covers your doctors and the services you need is essential.

Further, understanding the pros and cons of Part C is important. Understanding your coverage will make it easier to use your insurance.

Medicare Part D Plans in Kansas

Part D Plans in Kansas

Part D Prescription Drug plans in Kansas can cost between $12.80 and $191.40 a month.

If a policy has a low premium, that doesn’t mean it’ll save you the most money. But, a high premium doesn’t always mean better coverage.

In the state of Kansas, there are over 22 Part D plans. But, not all plans are available in all counties.

The best Part D plan will be the one that saves you the most money for the year after you include the deductible costs and copayments.


When can I buy Medicare supplemental insurance in Kansas?
Unlike Medicare, there is no Annual Enrollment Period. You can buy Medigap insurance at any time. But, the best time to sign up is when you’re first Medicare eligible; this is when pre-existing conditions won’t impact your premium or Medigap eligibility.
What is a Qualified Medicare Beneficiary in Kansas?
Those that are Qualified Medicare Beneficiaries (QMB) in Kansas will be automatically qualified for the Extra Help program. So, they may have lower costs for Part A, B, and D. Further, they may have lower cost-sharing. There are income and asset requirements. You can apply for the Medicare Savings Program when you complete a KanCare application, just check the “I’d like help with my Medicare costs” box on page 3 of the app.
How often are there excess charges in Kansas?
You can avoid excess charges by asking potential doctors if they accept Medicare. If they accept Medicare, they won’t charge you the additional fee. But, nationally, only about 5% of doctors charge excess charges.
How to see costs for Medicare Supplement for Kansas?
The best way to compare rates from multiple companies is to use a Medicare agent that isn’t captive with one company. Much like our agents here. Medigap rates are very personal. They vary depending on your eligibility, location, and more. Plus, not all ten plans will be beneficial for your situation. An agent can help you identify the best option for you while considering cost, coverage, and overall value.

How to Apply for Medicare in Kansas

Whether it's Medigap or Medicare Advantage, we know the plan that brings you the most value is the best option for you. We can help you identify the most suitable coverage in your area and walk you through the enrollment.

Nobody should have to navigate insurance alone, especially not Medicare. While we update our content regularly, it's important to know that a quote is just an estimate, it's not the actual premium.

You can call an agent at the number above to see the best rates in your area now. Or, fill out an online rate form to learn about your rates today!

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