Medicare Supplement Plans in Florida

Many Medicare beneficiaries in Florida enroll in Medicare Supplemental (Medigap) plans to reduce their out-of-pocket Medicare expenses. Although some states have specific Medigap rules, Florida closely follows the federal guidelines for Medigap coverage.
On this page, we dive into everything you need to know about Medicare Supplements in Florida for 2022.

Best Medicare Supplemental Plans in Florida for 2022

The best Medicare Supplement plans in Florida align with the best Medigap plans nationwide. It is no surprise that Medicare Supplement Plan F, Plan G, and Plan N are the most popular plans available in the Sunshine State for 2022.

Medicare Supplement Plan F is the most comprehensive Medicare Supplemental plan available, leaving you with no out-of-pocket medical expenses. The only cost you pay with Medigap Plan F is the monthly premium.

Those with Medicare Supplement Plan G will be responsible for paying the Medicare Part B deductible as well as their monthly premium. However, beneficiaries receive 100% medical coverage once the deductible is met.

Lastly, those with Medicare Supplement Plan N will also pay the Medicare Part B deductible and may also be responsible for copayments at the doctor or for hospital visits.

Depending on when you became eligible for Medicare, you may not be able to enroll in Medigap Plan F. But this is not a reason to worry. Each year, more Medicare beneficiaries in Florida enroll in Medicare Supplement Plan G regardless of their eligibility for Medicare Supplement Plan F. Although Medigap plans in Florida are not the cheapest, Medigap Plan G seems to be the most cost-effective plan for beneficiaries.

Medicare Supplement Eligibility in Florida

When you enroll in Medicare Part B, you can enroll in a Medigap plan. Upon enrolling in Medicare Part B, each beneficiary gets a six-month Medicare Supplement Open Enrollment Period to select a plan and avoid the underwriting process.

Delaying enrollment could result in the inability to enroll in a Medigap plan in the future. You can still apply for a plan outside your Medigap Open Enrollment Period, but your pre-existing health conditions could result in higher premiums or denial from the plan.

Medicare Supplement Plans for Disabled Under 65 in Florida

Those under 65 can expect their Medigap premium to be much higher than for someone over 65.Because of this, many beneficiaries with Medicare and disability opt for a Medicare Advantage plan until they turn 65.

Any carrier offering a Medicare Supplemental plans in Florida must offer plans to Medicare beneficiaires under 65 as well as those 65 and older. Not every state has a requirement for carriers to offer Medigap coverage to beneficiaries under 65.

Florida Medicare Supplement Plan Costs in 2022

When enrolled in a Medicare Supplemental plan, policyholders are responsible for a premium each month. The monthly premium can vary among carriers or between plans. Additionally, premiums also depend on your age, gender, location, and other factors. Lastly, the pricing method the carrier uses may impact the premium cost. In Florida, companies must use issue age ratings.

There is a Medigap plan for everyone in Florida. Depending on the above factors, a Medicare Supplement monthly premium ranges from $40 to over $500 in the state.

Medicare Supplement Free Look Period in Florida

Medicare Supplement plans in Florida offer policyholders a 30-day free look period anytime they enroll in new Medigap coverage. During the 30-day free look, beneficiaries can drop Medigap coverage with a full return of any premium costs paid for any reason. The free look begins on the first day the policy is active.

Alongside the free look, Medicare Supplemental plans in Florida also provide a grace period for policyholders who miss a premium payment. Each Medigap carrier is required to offer a grace period for premium payment that is at least 10 days but no more than 31 days late if the premium is paid monthly.

Florida Open Enrollment Periods

The rules around Medicare Supplement Open Enrollment are standard in Florida. If you receive Medicare Part B at or after age 65, you will receive a six-month Open Enrollment Period that will allow you to enroll in any Medicare Supplemental plan without medical underwriting. This Open Enrollment Period begins on the first day of the month you turn 65 or enroll in Medicare Part B.

If you receive Medicare Part B before age 65, you will not only receive an Open Enrollment Period beginning the first day of the month your Medicare Part B goes active but again beginning the first day of your 65th birth month. The second Open Enrollment period will also last six months from the start date.

If you enroll in Medicare Part B and have group coverage paying secondary, you will receive a two-month Open Enrollment Period when you lose group coverage voluntarily or involuntary. This time gives you the opportunity to enroll in a Medicare Supplement plan without underwriting health questions.

Aside from these major Open Enrollment Periods, unless you qualify for guaranteed issue rights, you must answer underwriting health questions when applying for Medigap coverage. This means that a carrier can deny coverage to anyone because of pre-existing conditions.

Low-Income Medicare Assistance in Florida

In Florida, those with low incomes have options when it comes to health care coverage. If you fall below a certain income level, programs are available to help assist you with your health care cost. These programs include Medicaid and other specified low-income Medicare beneficiary programs If you qualify, these programs help cover premium, deductible, or copayment costs associated with your Medicare coverage.


When can I change my Medicare Supplement insurance plan in Florida?
You can change Medigap policies at any time. However, after your Open Enrollment Period, you will need to answer underwriting health questions in most situations. When you work with an agent, they can help you identify the company most likely to accept your application.
Does Medicare pay for assisted living in Florida?
No, Medicare does not pay for assisted living in any state. But, it does offer coverage for a limited stay in a skilled nursing facility after a hospital stay. The hospital stay must be at least three days to qualify or you pay the full cost.
Does Medicare cover home health care in Florida?
Yes, Medicare will cover the cost of home health care. If you do not have a Medigap plan, you will be responsible for the Medicare Part A deductible. However, you must be under the care of a doctor, homebound, need speech therapy, or skilled nursing care.
Does Medicare cover dentures in Florida?
No, Medicare does not cover routine dental care or dentures. But, you can receive dental coverage with a stand-alone dental policy.
What age can you get Medicare in Florida?
Just like every other state, you can get Medicare at the age of 65. You can also get Medicare if you collect Social Security Disability Income for 24 months.
Does Florida have a Medicare Savings Program?
Yes! Florida offers Medicare Savings Programs. To qualify, beneficiaries must meet certain income and asset limits.

How to Apply for Medicare in Florida

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