Aetna Medicare Supplement Plans

Aetna offers highly-rated policies for Medicare beneficiaries. Aetna Medicare policies range from Medicare Supplement plans (Medigap) and Medicare Advantage plans to Medicare Part D coverage and ancillary products.

As one of the largest insurers in the U.S. and deemed one of the most stable Medicare Supplement providers, Aetna strives to provide a policy fit for every beneficiary’s needs.

Aetna Medicare Supplement Plans for 2022

Rated as an A company by AM Best, Aetna is an easy choice when looking for a reliable Medicare Supplement company with competitive pricing. When searching for your ideal policy, you may foremostly consider premiums and other out-of-pocket costs.

However, keep in mind that a low premium does not always equate to the policy’s value. Often, paying a higher monthly premium can save you money in the long run.

Typical features of Medicare Supplement plans through Aetna include:

  • 12-month rate protection on all plans
  • Household or spousal discounts are available in select areas nationwide
  • 30-day free look period

Further, Aetna excels at claim payment and coverage for those on their Medigap plans. Because of this, the company has earned a high rating in Medicare customer satisfaction year after year.

Top Aetna Medicare Supplement (Medigap) Plans

The top Aetna Medigap plans in all states are Medigap Plan F, Plan G, and Plan N. Since Medigap plans are standardized, Plan F with Aetna offers the same coverage as Plan F with any other carrier. The only difference is the monthly premium cost and company ratings.

For example, if Aetna has a lower premium for a more comprehensive coverage option in your area, you should consider enrolling in their plan. But, if you can find the same plan at a lower cost with a highly-rated carrier, that could be a better option.

We understand that Medicare Supplement plans might not be the most competitive across the board in terms of price. But we know they are the most competitive in over 35 states.

Aetna Medicare Supplement Plan F

For Aetna Medicare Supplements, Medigap Plan F has the most enrollees nationwide. Although this plan covers all out-of-pocket expenses after Medicare Part A and Part B, it can have a high monthly premium.

Aetna Medigap Plan F has an average monthly premium of $308 nationwide. However, monthly premium prices vary widely based on age, gender, location, and tobacco usage.

If the monthly premium for Medigap Plan F is too expensive for your budget, Aetna also offers High Deductible Plan F to Medicare beneficiaries at a lower monthly premium rate.

Aetna Medicare Supplement Plan G

Medicare Supplement Plan G is quickly becoming the most popular Medigap plan available. This plan is perfect for those looking for great coverage that won’t break the bank with monthly premium costs. On Medigap Plan G, you pay the Medicare Part B deductible yourself, and then Medigap Plan G covers the rest.

Often, people find that the dollar amount of their yearly premium savings exceeds the Medicare Part B deductible, meaning you may come out ahead when compared to Plan F.

Aetna Medigap Plan G can cost on average close to $150 each month. However, plans in some areas will cost much less, and others are more expensive.

But, if you don’t mind trading lower out-of-pocket costs for a lower premium, you can consider a Medigap Plan N or High Deductible Plan G from Aetna as well.

No matter which Medicare plans you choose, Medicare Supplements through Aetna have you covered with high-quality customer service.

Aetna Medicare Supplement Rate Increase

To be transparent, all Medicare Supplement insurance companies experience rate increases, not just Aetna. So, while it’s great to know about the previous rate increases, the information is not black and white.

Rate increases are like the lottery; you don’t know until the numbers come out. Further, rate increases are different depending on geographic location, policy type, and company.

Overall, Aetna Medicare Supplement rate increases tend to be conservative. Increases can fall between 3% and 10% each year, depending on the plan, location, and other factors.

Aetna Medicare Advantage Plans

Medicare Advantage plans through Aetna offer a broad range of doctors in-network and some of the most affordable policies on the market. The weighted overall star rating for the plans is 4.3 out of 5 stars, with most enrollees being in a 4-star or higher plan.

While many plans offer a $0 premium, the bills you’re left with in severe health emergencies can be overbearing.

If you’re under 65 or unable to obtain a Medicare Supplement plan, it could be beneficial to explore Medicare Advantage plans, including any Aetna Medicare Advantage plans in your area. A Medicare Advantage plan from Aetna will come along with a reliable company to handle your claims.

Aetna Medicare Part D

Aetna partnered with CVS to offer Medicare Part D plans through SilverScript. These plans cover your prescription medications.

You can enroll in a SilverScript Part D plan alongside your Original Medicare, with or without a Medicare Supplement plan. However, just because you choose to enroll in a plan through Aetna for Medigap doesn’t mean that you must enroll in a Medicare Part D plan through them.

Regardless of which carrier you get your Medigap policy through, Part D through SilverScript may or may not be the best prescription drug coverage for you. It is still important to compare all available Medicare plans to receive the best coverage on your medications.


Does Aetna Medicare cover dental?
Medicare Advantage plans through Aetna sometimes offer basic dental coverage for an additional cost or as part of the policy. Medicare Supplement plans don’t include dental coverage. However, Aetna does offer stand-alone dental coverage that you can have alongside Medigap to cover this hole.
Does Aetna Medicare Supplement have SilverSneakers?
Unfortunately, Medicare Supplement plans through Aetna do not offer SilverSneakers. For the most part, Medicare Advantage plans through this carrier include a Silver Sneaker benefit. But, even some of the Medicare Advantage plans charge an extra fee for the gym benefit.
What is Aetna Medicare PPO?
If you see the acronym PPO or HMO in a Medicare plan name, that means it’s a Medicare Advantage plan. PPO stands for Preferred Provider Organization, meaning the plan allows you to see doctors out-of-network at a higher cost than in-network doctors. Health Maintenance Organization (HMO) plans have stricter networks that don’t extend coverage to non-network providers.

How to Sign Up for an Aetna Medicare Plan

The best part of Aetna Medigap plans is that you can change plans anytime, as long as you pass medical underwriting. Our agents can help you identify the company most likely to approve your application and that will provide the best plan for your needs.

So, if Aetna happens to be your best option, we are here to help! And, if not, we represent other top carriers so we can help find your perfect fit.

We know Medicare can be hard to navigate; let us be your GPS. Together, we can get your insurance where it needs to be.

Call us at the number above to obtain access to a Medicare expert at no cost! Not ready to speak on the phone yet? You also have the option to fill out an online rate form and someone will give you a call to go over options in your area.

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