New Medicare Changes for 2022

Every year, changes come to Medicare. In 2022, Medicare has several new benefits and adjustments to speak of. As a beneficiary, it’s important to keep up with these developments. Below, we’ll provide the information you need to know about how Medicare is different this year including how much Medicare costs in 2022.

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What is the Medicare Deductible for 2022?

The annual Part B deductible has increased to $233 which is $30 more than last year. The standard Part B premium is increasing to $170.10 monthly, which is $21.60 more per month than before.

Part A is free for most people. The Part A deductible increases annually. In 2022, the deductible will be $1,556 for each benefit period. That makes the increase $72 more than last year. But, those who buy into Medicare could pay a full Part A premium of $499 each month. And, those who paid 30-39 quarters could pay $274 per month.

The inpatient hospital benefit period costs are rising slightly for 2022. For days 1-60 beneficiaries will continue to pay $0 each day. Days 61-90 now cost $389 per day. Finally, for days 91 and beyond, you’ll pay $778 coinsurance for each day. Now, skilled nursing facility copayments also saw an increase; days 21-100 cost $194.50 per day.

New Medicare Benefits for 2022

The number of Medicare Advantage plans available to the average beneficiary has increased for 2022. Also, telemedicine is growing in availability. Before we go over all the specifics on new Medicare benefits, let’s take a look at the cost of Medicare in 2022.

Find Medicare Plans in 3 Easy Steps

We can help find the right Medicare plans for you today

What Does Medicare Advantage Look Like for 2022?

Medicare Advantage plan premium costs decreased to an estimated $19 on average across the United States. Beneficiaries can also expect to see more plan options, even for those in rural areas. More options and lower costs are good news to beneficiaries opting for Part C insurance.

What is the Cost of Part D in 2022?

Premiums for Part D in 2022 average about $33 a month, up $2 from the previous year. The initial deductible in 2022 is $480 for the year. The initial coverage limit increased to $4,430. Also, the Out of Pocket threshold increased to $7,050.

What is the 2022 High Deductible for Medigap?

High Deductible Plan G and High Deductible Plan F have an annual deductible of $2,490 for 2022. Now, while newly-eligible beneficiaries can no longer purchase any version of Plan F, the people currently enrolled in High Deductible Plan F will be responsible for the deductible.

What is the 2022 Maximum Out of Pocket?

For Medicare Advantage, maximum out-of-pocket limits can reach up to $7,550 for in-network services. Now, out of network, you could have a MOOP of $11,300.

Find Medicare Plans in 3 Easy Steps

We can help find the right Medicare plans for you today

Those with Medicare Supplement Plan L have a $3,310 out-of-pocket maximum. Those with Medigap Plan K have a $6,620 Maximum Out of Pocket for the year.


When will 2022 Medicare premiums be announced?
When it comes to Part A and Part B premiums and deductibles, these are announced each fall. The premiums for 2022 have been announced and are provided in the content above.
When will 2022 Medicare Advantage plans be available?
If you’re already in a Medicare Advantage plan, you can change or cancel your plan during the Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Period between January and March. You can begin comparing plans and enrolling for the following year during the Annual Enrollment Period in October.
When does the 2022 Medicare book come out?
You can find the 2022 Medicare & You handbook on our Medicare guides page.
Have the Medicare income limits changed for 2022?
Higher-income earners will need to pay more for Part B premiums. Since last year, the single-income threshold for the standard Part B premium rose by $3,000. For a married couple filing jointly, the threshold increased by $6,000. Your income for this purpose will be based on your tax return two years prior.
Is Plan F still available in 2022?
You will not be able to enroll in Plan F if you became Medicare-eligible in 2020 or later. However, if you were Medicare-eligible prior to that year, you can still enroll in Plan F or keep your existing Plan F policy.
How many Medicare Advantage plans are there in 2022?
Your options for Advantage plans depend on the county in which you reside. In 2022, the average beneficiary has 39 Advantage plans available to them.

How to Get Help with Your Medicare Coverage in 2022

We know that there are a lot of changes to Medicare for 2022. If you’re new to Medicare, or an existing beneficiary, know that our team is here for you. Whether you’re interested in Medigap or simply have questions about Medicare, we can help.

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  1. I am greatly concerned with the changes regarding longer hospital stays after surgery and the need for rehabilitation/nursing facilities afterward.
    What happens to a single senior on Medicare who needs replacement joint surgery and rehab physical therapy for recovery for limb replacement when the patient is unable to secure help from friends or family? I am greatly frustrated that the times for hospitalization for surgeries have been cut at the same time longer requirements for in-patient rehabilitation has become harder to meet. Individuals with no help for recuperation are being forced to forego the needed surgeries. Denying the elderly needed assistance for recovery is inhumane!


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