Finding Local Doctors Who Accept Medicare

To keep your health care costs manageable as a Medicare beneficiary, you’ll want to make sure your doctors accept Medicare. Luckily, most providers participate in the program. This fact makes it easy to find doctors near you who accept Medicare.

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How Do I Find Doctors Near Me That Accept Medicare?

If you’re new to Medicare or have recently made a change in your coverage, you might be looking for a new provider. Well, finding a doctor is easier when you understand how to make sure your coverage is accepted. It’s a bit different from the networks you might be used to from years on a health plan through your employer or the ACA Marketplace.

When a doctor takes Medicare, it means they accept Medicare assignment. Meaning, they agree to its payment terms. A large majority (93%) of adult primary care physicians accept Medicare assignment.

What Doctors Can You See with Medicare?

Original Medicare doesn’t restrict you to a network of doctors. But, you’ll save money if you make sure first that providers accept Medicare. The easiest way to find a doctor near you is to use the Physician Search tool on

To use the tool, type your location and whether you’re searching for a primary care physician or a specialist. Then press the search button.

You’ll see a list of doctors in your area who accept Medicare assignment. The next step is to call their office and determine if they’re accepting new patients.

Another tool offered by is the Care Compare tool. You can use this tool to find and compare doctors, clinicians, and hospitals near you. The tool also includes listings for skilled nursing facilities, hospice care, rehabs, dialysis facilities, and more.

Find Medicare Plans in 3 Easy Steps

We can help find the right Medicare plans for you today

Do All Doctors Accept Medicare Advantage?

Unlike Original Medicare, Advantage plans come with provider networks. You’ll want to make sure that all of your doctors are in the plan’s network. Otherwise, you’ll be paying out-of-pocket.

There are different types of Advantage plans. Refer to the details of your plan for specific information about your network.

How to Get Additional Coverage for Doctor Appointments

Even when your doctor accepts it, Medicare doesn't pay for everything. With a Medigap policy, you can get coverage for the 20% of costs you'd otherwise need to pay out-of-pocket.

To take this step toward greater certainty of your health care costs, call the number above. One of our agents will speak with you about your health and budget needs to find the right plan for you. You can also fill out our compare rates form, and we'll prepare a comparison of premiums for top-rated plans in your area. We look forward to helping you make the best choice for your coverage, as we’ve done for many before.

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