How to Choose the Right High Deductible Medigap Plan

Choosing a high deductible Medigap plan is a great option for those beneficiaries who are on a limited budget. It gives you the premium flexibility you need without losing any benefits. Currently, there are two-letter plans that offer a high deductible version. 

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Which Medigap Plans Offer a High Deductible Option?

Plan F and Plan G are the two-letter plans with high deductible versions. If you love the idea of having one of the top 3 Medigap plans but hate the idea of having to pay a high premium, then one of these two options will fit into your budget and not drain it.

What’s the Advantage of a High Deductible Medigap Plan?

The advantage of a high deductible Medigap plan is you get a lower premium without losing any benefits in exchange for a deductible. With standard Medigap plans, there is no deductible.

This is one of the factors that make them enticing. However, that means a higher premium. These high deductible versions offer an alternative.

How Do High Deductible Medigap Plans Work?

High deductible Medigap plans work the same way deductible plans work for any coverage. Once your out-of-pocket spending meets your high deductible, all your medical costs are covered 100%.

Find Medicare Plans in 3 Easy Steps

We can help find the right Medicare plans for you today

What’s the Difference Between Plan G and Plan G High Deductible?

High Deductible Plan G, one of the newest standardized Medigap plans, comes with all the same benefits as the standard Medicare Plan G. Yet, premiums average from $40 to $90.

This is significantly less than the standard version. However, you must pay a $2,370 deductible before coverage kicks in at 100%.

What’s the Difference Between Plan F and Plan F High Deductible?

The average monthly premium for the standard Plan F ranges from $130 to $230. If this plan appeals to you but the premiums seem a bit too high, you can opt for the high deductible version. The high deductible version provides the same benefits as standard Plan F, for a lower premium – averaging $40 to $80 per month.

However, just like the high deductible version of Plan G, you must meet a $2,370 deductible for your medical costs to be covered 100%.

When Do I Enroll in a High Deductible Medigap Plan?

Medigap plans don’t have annual enrollment periods. Once you have Part B, your 6-month window to enroll in a Medigap plan without having to go through medical underwriting will begin. Outside this window, you can still enroll in a plan. The only difference is if you have any health issues, the carrier could deny your coverage.

If you’re overall healthy, you will have no issue enrolling in a plan once this window has passed. Keep in mind, depending on your location and the rating method used by the carrier, the older you are when you enroll, the more you may pay in monthly premiums. So enrolling as soon as you can is best practice.

Find Medicare Plans in 3 Easy Steps

We can help find the right Medicare plans for you today

How to Enroll in a High Deductible Medigap Plan

To enroll in a high deductible Medigap plan, you must first be enrolled in Part B. Once you have Part B, give us a call. You can also complete our online rate form to see what high deductible Medigap plans are available in your area now.

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